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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web today,
and we excel in creating high performing functional WordPress sites.


LA WordPress Website Design

Want a cutting-edge web design with the convenience of WordPress? When you need a proficient yet easy-to-use content management system (CMS), it’s hard to top WordPress.

WordPress currently powers 34 percent of the internet. Companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations count on WordPress for their website. Affordable, secure, attractive, and functional, WordPress delivers the user experience your customers need while providing you with a contemporary, practical site that makes the right impression.

At Ovatek Web Solutions, our developers have extensive experience creating WordPress websites to your exact requirements. You won’t have to rely on us to update content or even conduct security updates for your CMS, although we can certainly handle those things if you prefer.

WordPress empowers you to have control over your website and its components without being an expert at coding. When you take advantage of Los Angeles WordPress web design with the specialists at Ovatek, you get a striking new website with one of the internet’s fastest-growing content management systems.

Our WordPress Design & Development Process


DISCOVERY MEETING – In the discovery phase of the process, we focus on information-gathering and collaboration with the client on goals. We learn about our client’s industry, business, and target market.


PLANNING STAGE – The planning stage of WordPress website design is a critical phase in developing a new website. Extensive research and planning will make clear the objectives. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, and comprehensive planning helps ensure this.


DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT – We design the sitemap showing how all the pages will flow throughout the site. Wireframes are created for all the pages, and we collaborate with the client on a content strategy. Once the design is done, we convert that into actual code, which creates a functional site.


TESTING & LAUNCH – We perform the site’s extensive testing to ensure that it is error-free and follows all best use usability requirements. Once all of these tests are complete, we can launch your new website!

WordPress Site Build Process

Ovatek allows you to have a ready-to-use WordPress website that reflects your business objectives, appeals to your target audience, and supports your search engine rankings. What’s our process for your WordPress web design Los Angeles?

  • Identify. Our team digs deeper to understand your goals as a business. We look at all elements, including what constitutes your brand, industry, and target audience to your messaging and culture.
  • Envision. We begin to visualize your site with ideas based on your preferences and objectives. Our professional designers are experts at WordPress, and we craft a site that’s responsive, easy to use, and perfectly embodies your business.
  • Design. Ready to see your new site? Ovatek’s design team creates mockups of your new WordPress theme, which we then review with you to modify as necessary to fit your vision for your web presence.
  • Create. No website is complete without content. Once we have your design nailed down, we create content for your new WordPress site. Our copywriters generate content that engages your audience and increases conversions—not to mention aligns with the overall feel of your website.

We’ve generated over

We’ve generated over

Delivering an average
347% ROI


    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    It's About One Thing - RETURN ON INVESTMENT

    ROI Performance Model

    As a customer you will get clear insight into your actual return on investment (ROI). We have many years of experience in creating highly effective online strategies for businesses of all sizes.

    We do not use automated methods or cookie-cutter processes. You will get a custom strategy for your business based on your unique needs and goals.

    Strategic Evolution

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    Yr 1 – Spend vs. Return On Investment

    • ROI
    • SPEND

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    How Can WordPress Help You?

    Developed in 2003, WordPress is an open-source software that allows people with little to no coding experience to build websites. This CMS is an excellent platform for everything from ecommerce sites, blogs, portfolios, and much more. There’s really no limit to what you can do with WordPress!

    Are you considering WordPress for your next website? Our detailed process ensures you end up with the web presence you imagined to support your digital marketing objectives.

    Easier To Self Manage

    As a business, it’s understandable that you’d want to retain control over your website instead of relying on a company to handle your web presence while you remain in the dark. WordPress gives you full control over your website and its design, and is simple to learn and maintain even for people with limited technical experience.

    Let’s discuss how your new WordPress site can integrate with your marketing goals. Work with us at Ovatek today to leverage the power and accessibility of WordPress for your Los Angeles business!

    Site Planning
    Security Elements
    Server-Side Optimizations
    Content Strategy
    Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Design
    Your competitive advantage on the web!

    Worlds Most Popular CMS


    Common Questions

    A static website is one that is custom coded and not database driven. Static sites are a good fit for businesses that do not expect to make many content changes once launched. A dynamic site has a database, sometimes referred to as a database-driven site or CMS. We work with WordPress for these types of sites.

    The timeframe to complete a web design project varies depending upon the site’s size, content requirement, and many other factors; however, the average timeline is 6 – 12 weeks from start to launch.

    Fifty-four percent of all website traffic in the United States comes from mobile devices. Recently Google rolled out their mobile-first algorithm, so now more than ever, it is critical to have a mobile-first designed website. We will create a website for you that plays optimally with all screen sizes.

    Every website that we build is done so with SEO in mind. The foundation of a successful web design effort is to have a very “Search Engine Friendly” website. No sense in having a website if it can’t be found on the web!

    When it comes to CMS based websites, we use WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) today due to its ease of management, SEO friendliness, and security.

    Google PageSpeed involves elements that pertain to how fast your website load and UI/UX elements. You can no longer overlook all the critical website elements that Google looks at related to page load performance and UI/UX.

    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    Employing professional WordPress web design Los Angeles with the experts at Ovatek takes your WordPress experience one step further. With an intuitive design crafted by our experts, you get all the advantages of WordPress with a stunning website to boot!

    The Advantages of WordPress for Your Business

    There are many reasons to take advantage of WordPress for your organization, whether you want to build an online portfolio or need a brand-new website for your company.

    Investing in Los Angeles WordPress web design with Ovatek gives you:

    • Control. With WordPress, you have the ability to make updates, change content, pricing, testimonials, and more on your website. You won’t have to rely on your web developer to do it for you. You can make changes at your leisure, although our team at Ovatek can certainly handle any adjustments you’d like as well!
    • Affordability. One of the best benefits of WordPress is its cost-efficiency. It’s affordable to get a WordPress site, even one that’s professionally designed and built by our experts.
    • Customization. WordPress’ themes and design features allow you to have virtually limitless options for your new website. Anything you can envision, our proficient design team can make it happen in WordPress!
    • Support. Widely used on the internet for a variety of applications, WordPress is a growing CMS that’s easy to find support and resources for online. And, of course, our proficient team is here to support your WordPress needs long after your site is launched.
    • Integration. WordPress makes it easy for companies to integrate their website with their digital marketing goals, including content and social media marketing, for an elevated web presence and streamlined marketing strategy.
    • Scalability. When you work with WordPress, you can grow or scale back as needed, giving you the flexibility to add more pages, change content, or delete anything with the touch of a button.
    • Responsiveness. With more than half of all internet users on a mobile device, your website must be responsive, meaning it has to be able to adjust to smaller screen sizes without compromising its design.WordPress makes it easy to have a responsive web design already built into your platform, meaning it’ll automatically accommodate your visitors regardless of what device they’re using.

    Leverage the Power of WordPress

    As a WordPress web developer Los Angeles, Ovatek Web Solutions builds your new WordPress site with our in-depth experience.

    We provide the design you need to connect with your audience and represent your business in a way you can be proud of.