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Website Security

Your website is exposed to threats daily whether you have an small, medium or
large company no one is immune from cyber security threats.


Mission Critical Web Security

Your website is exposed to threats daily. Whether you have an enterprise-level business or a small company with a single location, no one is immune from cyber security threats.

Hackers attempt to gain access to sensitive information or disable your website. When your business relies on online customers daily, it’s not an option to ignore vulnerabilities that could lead to costly downtime and even eventually bankrupt your company.

Ovatek Web Solutions knows the challenges that companies of all sizes face when it comes to their website security needs. Our team is experienced in both well-known and brand-new threats that continue to plague businesses, and we provide cyber security consulting to ensure you’re never without the necessary protection you need in today’s digital landscape.

We protect your websites, applications, and networks from both small and large-scale attacks. The best part is that we integrate your security solutions so that your site and its legitimate traffic are unaffected, while malicious bots and hackers are kept out.

Our Website Security Services

Ovatek provides a complete range of services to defend your website and protect all vulnerabilities. Our protection services include:

Web Application Firewall

DDoS Protection

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

API Security

Bot Management

Application Delivery

Unmatched Security Analytics

We’ve generated over

We’ve generated over

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347% ROI

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I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

Secure Your Company ONLINE

Is Your Website Secure?

You should never be in the dark about the state of your website’s security. Contact us today to learn how your site can be better protected.

Whether you need protection for your website, networks, or applications, our team has the industry expertise and modern technology to defend you against threats that are continually evolving. Whether you’re looking for DDoS mitigation Los Angeles or need to manage bots, we can help!

How Do You Know What To Do?

Unless your core competencies involve cyber security, it’s not easy to know exactly what you need to protect your online applications. Fortunately, our website security consulting Los Angeles makes it simple to deploy the solutions you need.

From having basic protective measures in place to more advanced options for those with growing security concerns, we have what it takes to keep your website secure and functional for your visitors.

With our expert cyber security consulting, we empower you to safeguard your information to prevent and mitigate attacks, all while delivering a customized approach to fully support your security needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Malicious Scripts
DDOS Attacks
SQL Injections
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Weak Security Impacts Performance


Common Questions

Your website is exposed to threats daily. Whether you have an enterprise-level business or a small company with a single location, no one is immune from cybersecurity threats.

To put it simply, if you have any presence on the Internet and are a business or hold a sensitive role, you need competent online reputation management services.

Some negative content removals from the web may only take a week or two; however, in some scenarios, it can take months depending upon negotiations, legal matters, and other required steps in the process.

Our review management services can potentially remove negative reviews, increase star ratings, and mitigate customer feedback that may be negative. We have extensive experience managing all the major review sites out there for clients whose businesses’ survival depends upon good reviews.

Examplse of items we address with our reputation repair process: removing negative search results, brand protection on the web, improving online sentiment, growing, and managing review sites, generation of positive the content.

Over the years, we have developed sophisticated methods in removing negative search results. The timeline for removal can vary greatly depending upon where and how this search result is being published. The average range is from one to three months but could be longer depending on the severity.

Our review management services involve real-time alerts whenever a review is done, reporting that our customers have 24/7 access. By providing real-time notifications customers can rapidly respond to any negative or positive review.

Sam F.
Roofing Company

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

As a full-service digital agency, we’re your partner in providing comprehensive LA website security solutions. You can rest easy knowing your site is protected with our next-level approach, customized practices, and cutting-edge technology.

Web Application Firewall

Our web application firewall (WAF) ensures that your legitimate traffic has no problem accessing your site, while harmful traffic is kept out.

Your WAF protects against the most serious risks, but our team is always monitoring your networks or apps—whether they’re cloud-based on on-site—for potential incidents and vulnerabilities.

Analytics and a fast response time allow us to block only negative traffic. With our WAF combined with our advanced reporting, you’ll always know your security status and where you are in regards to meeting compliance standards in your industry.

DDoS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can quickly disable a website. It takes only seconds for your site to be rendered unusable in such an attack, and can take hours to get back up. However, our DDoS mitigation Los Angeles allows us to block an attack of virtually any size in 3 seconds or less.

We can process 65 billion attack packets per second, allowing us to mitigate even the largest of DDoS attacks that exist on the web today. Our team quickly and efficiently alleviates damage from an attack to keep your site accessible, safe, and fast.

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Our RASP technology provides enhanced threat detection and response time, all while detecting threats from inside your app. Available for applications ranging from older software to brand-new launches, RASP can be integrated with any type of network architecture.

Of course, our RASP service utilizes industry-leading analytics into any attempted attacks, providing insight into existing vulnerabilities and allowing you to block any unanticipated breaches.

Application Programming Interface (API) Security

As APIs become more prevalent on the web today, so do their security vulnerabilities. We ensure your access points are covered and keep your legitimate traffic unaffected with API our security.

Our team effectively integrates security into your APIs. By doing so, we not only create a cohesive approach to security, but can adjust measures as necessary. Our integrated solutions provide a lower cost of ownership and maintenance.

Bot Management

We analyze your bot traffic to identify any malicious attempts to affect your site, all while leaving your genuine traffic unaffected. Our bot management solutions are some of the most advanced available today, providing unrivaled visibility into your traffic, and allowing you to stop fraudulent attempts to take over your site. Ovatek implements protection against a wide variety of automated attacks for the utmost safety and control.

Application Delivery

Ovatek improves your website’s performance while reducing cost with safe, fast, and dependable solutions through content delivery network (CDN). Our application delivery boosts website speed by up to 50 percent and decreases bandwidth costs by up to 60 percent.

We can meet your security needs to protect you from threats with no changes to your hardware of software, thanks to cloud-based solutions for your LA website security.

Unmatched Security Analytics

Part of what makes a successful security setup is being able to respond as quickly as possible to threats. Our unmatched analytics at Ovatek allow us to streamline event investigations, meaning we work to reduce damage from a threat as rapidly as possible, and can typically prevent attacks before they happen.

We improve the efficiency of your security by reducing your risk and focusing your resources on genuine threats. It’s challenging for businesses today to stay current on threat trends—but with our website security consulting Los Angeles, we empower you to have total visibility into attacks, and focus your efforts where it counts.