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Website Copywriting

Our copywriters create website copy that engages readers and is designed
to bring your website increased visibility on the web.


LA WEBSITE Copywriting

We deliver website copywriting in Los Angeles that people will identify with. Whether you’re part of a highly technical industry or sell basic products, we deliver the results you need to positively represent your brand while captivating customers for long-term success.

One of the primary ways people engage with your website or your brand is through your content. It’s a crucial component of not just search engine optimization (SEO), but is often the foundation of connection with your visitors.

Think about it. A customer finds you on the web and reads about you or what you offer. If the content lacks personality, is unhelpful, outdated, or contains typos, users can quickly become discouraged and leave.

Our Website Copywriting Process


KEYWORD RESEARCH & STRATEGY – After collaborating with our client to gain information on specific goals, our team conducts extensive and highly advanced keyword research based on industry, competitive analysis, products, services, and target audience.


PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITING – Professional expertly written website copy is essential for a website to be successful. Our copywriters’ team has a broad range of skill sets from non-technical to technical, allowing us to match you with the copywriter that is the best match for your goals. We will always follow your brand guidelines when producing targeted copy that is both engaging and conversion-optimized.


OPTIMIZED SEO COPY – The copy that we write is engaging and compelling, but we go beyond that. Our copywriters have extensive experience in creating optimized website copy that performs exceptionally well in the search engines.


COPY IMPLEMENTATION – Once your new excellent copy has been written, it needs to be added to your website. Our website copywriting services include the implementation of this copy into your website. Once your team has reviewed and approved the content, we will add and publish it to your site.

Good Web Content Benefits

Your website could be a leader in its industry with the right content—or it could dissuade customers from interacting with you further. That’s the power of effective, accurate, and compelling copy.

When you invest in original content that’s optimized for the search engines with Ovatek, you empower your business to maximize its effect on customers and deliver consistent brand messaging. We enable you to get ahead of your competition with industry-leading copy!

  • Reach your audience. Reaching people means more than just making them aware of your brand. With the right content, you can inform and inspire them. People need content to answer questions and make a decision about a purchase—empower them to take the next step with professional copy!
  • Boost your SEO. Search engines evaluate your content for accuracy, helpfulness, and other factors that can all affect your rankings in relevant search engines. High-quality content from our expert team at Ovatek takes your SEO one step further for even better visibility, which results in more visitors.
  • Outshine your competition. You can outperform your competition by using professional copywriting to appeal to your audience. When your product descriptions are written to sell and your blog is filled with informative pieces, your website is the one consumers choose to engage with.
  • Increase your conversions. Copy can persuade people to convert, and when users find helpful, relevant, and interesting content on your site, you’re at the forefront of their minds when they’re ready to take the next step.
  • Get results. Effective content should align with your branding and messaging, yet be highly relevant for your users. Ovatek crafts a unique strategy to support your digital marketing goals so you get results with the right copy.

We’ve generated over

We’ve generated over

Delivering an average
347% ROI


    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    It's About One Thing - RETURN ON INVESTMENT

    ROI Performance Model

    As a customer you will get clear insight into your actual return on investment (ROI). We have many years of experience in creating highly effective online strategies for businesses of all sizes.

    We do not use automated methods or cookie-cutter processes. You will get a custom strategy for your business based on your unique needs and goals.

    Strategic Evolution

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    Yr 1 – Spend vs. Return On Investment

    • ROI
    • SPEND

    Professional Website COPYWRITING

    Leveraging Powerful Copy

    At Ovatek, we’re your partner in creating powerful copy that supports your business. Our process not only determines which keywords you need to use to make your Los Angeles SEO copywriting the most effective, but is also tailored to each client based on their specific needs.

    For example, while ecommerce sites will need accurate and convincing product descriptions that are also SEO friendly, sites that only feature service pages and a blog will require more in-depth yet equally compelling copy.

    • Research. We get to know your company and evaluate your existing content to determine where you stand. We also identify keywords to weave into your new copy for search engine friendliness.
    • Development. Our team begins to plan content including sample pages for your review. We discuss a schedule, if applicable, to develop and post new content for your company.
    • Creation. Our professional copywriters then create your content, including meta data, headlines, and images. We overlook nothing when it comes to your content!
    • Approval. You review the content and let us know what you think. We then make edits as appropriate based on your feedback, then allow you to do a final review.
    • Launch. We publish your content and continue to promote, monitor, and update it as necessary.
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    Webpage Implementation
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    Your competitive advantage on the web!

    Optimized Website Copy


    Common Questions

    * Brand awareness
    * Boosts website traffic
    * Builds brand loyalty
    * Generates leads
    * Generates sales

    We work with all of the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Flickr, Tumblr, and Reddit.

    An effective content marketing strategy makes a company an authoritative resource on specific topics that matter to potential customers. Credibility is a critical factor in the customer’s journey to purchase, and high-quality content creates that credibility. You are much more likely to have your business show up in the search engine for relevant products, which equals revenue and growth.

    To determine your content marketing’s effectiveness first, you need to define what equal success for your organization and then choose which key performance indicators show that your content efforts are heading in the right direction.

    It is a fact that spending money on high-quality website content is a critical investment for any company. Data shows that websites are written with high quality, insightful, helpful, engaging content with a much higher conversion rate than a site with a low-quality copy.

    It’s pointless to have a great website if nobody can find it. Well written website copy is one of the most overlooked aspects of web design is search engine optimization. We have many years of experience watching the difference in how a website ranks when it has a well-written copy instead of a low-quality copy, and the differences are staggering.

    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    Website copywriting has the ability to portray your business in a wholly positive way. Persuasive copy informs your visitors and increases engagement. It encourages people to get in touch, purchase, or complete an action that meets your definition of conversion.

    The Benefits of Website Copywriting for Your Business

    Website copywriting Los Angeles could consist of different types of content, all of which are designed to promote your business and persuade potential customers. Your copy will all depend on what you need to augment your web presence or complete your digital marketing strategy.

    Our team works with you to identify your needs and move forward with a strategic approach. Copywriting is relevant for all types of content on your site, from your blog to your contact page.

    You may think you can take on writing your website copy yourself, but customers can tell the difference between professionally-written copy and content you threw together on your own—and that difference can make or break a business.

    What’s more, copywriting not only creates an experience that resonates with your audience, but sells more through reflecting your brand voice in a way that inspires people. Professionally-written content outperforms standard copy every time!

    Work With Us

    Your unique Los Angeles SEO copywriting is developed with an SEO-friendly word count in mind, along with the appropriate tone for your business. Our goal is to meet your specifications for how you want to be represented while delivering engaging copy that both you and your visitors will love!

    How does your business’ copy measure up to your competitors? Gain an edge over your competition with expert website copywriting Los Angeles from our team at Ovatek. Our SEO-focused methods not only help customers find you in the search engines, but deliver genuine content designed to convert.

    Find out why companies across all types of industries trust us with their professional copywriting needs. Contact us today to discuss how the right copy can improve your business!