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Online Review Management

Online review management services that give you back control. 85% of consumers
report that accompanies reviews have impacted purchase decisions.


Managing Your Online Reviews

It’s no secret that reviews are hugely impactful to your business. Customers trust online reviews, whether they’re on the Better Business Bureau website or Yelp. If the reviews are favorable, that’s great. If you have a few negative reviews, however, these alone can dissuade potential customers from working with you.

The quality of these reviews is going to impact your bottom line. As a result, many businesses today can’t afford to be without professional online reviews management.

As a trusted LA review management company, Ovatek Web Solutions provides comprehensive review management, including ratings improvement and monitoring. We maximize the effect of the positive reviews about your company and efficiently handle any harmful reviews, often even before they have a chance to go live.

Our Review Management Process


INITIAL AUDIT – The first thing that we do is conduct a comprehensive audit of all your existing reviews. Even during this initial process, many times, we can identify negative reviews that for policy reasons can be removed.


REVIEW MANAGEMENT PLATFORM – With our review management platform it is no longer impossible to stay on top of all the reviews of your business. As a business owner, it is imperative that you know everything your customers are saying about you, both good and bad.


MONITOR & IMPROVE –  Our review monitoring platform is always scanning the web to discover new information about your business as soon as it is posted. Whether positive or negative, this allows for quick resolution of negative reviews, as well as capitalizing upon positive reviews.


LEVERAGE FEEDBACK – Customer feedback can give you the ability to gain unfiltered insight into what they truly think about your products or services. By gaining honest unfiltered feedback you can leverage this insight to directly improve customer satisfaction while gaining loyal customers.

Review Management Process

Ovatek’s professional LA review management company helps you make the most of positive reviews and utilize negative ones to your advantage when appropriate. How do we handle the review management process for your business?

  • Claim review profiles. First, we need to identify anywhere where there are reviews about your business. It’s essential to claim these profiles and include relevant and up-to-date information about your company. Then, we can work to manage your existing and pending reviews.
  • Respond to all reviews. We help you respond to everyone who leaves feedback—whether it’s good or bad—thanking customers for their business and letting them know that you appreciate their opinion and that you hope to work with them again.
  • Address unhappy customers. You should never ignore customers, especially not unhappy ones. Ovatek’s team develops a course of action for us to respond to and diligently handle any critical reviews to make it right and show customers that you’re on top of things.
  • Ask people to leave feedback. We reach out to your past and current customers, asking them for reviews and encouraging them to leave feedback if they’ve had a positive experience. We can send them to sites such as Yelp or Facebook to leave a review.
  • Prevent harmful reviews. We create a process for identifying unhappy patrons before they have a chance to leave negative feedback. If they report an unsatisfactory experience, we follow up with them and allow you to respond to the issue instead of sending them to a review site.

We’ve generated over

We’ve generated over

Delivering an average
347% ROI


    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    It's About One Thing - RETURN ON INVESTMENT

    ROI Performance Model

    As a customer you will get clear insight into your actual return on investment (ROI). We have many years of experience in creating highly effective online strategies for businesses of all sizes.

    We do not use automated methods or cookie-cutter processes. You will get a custom strategy for your business based on your unique needs and goals.

    Strategic Evolution

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    Yr 1 – Spend vs. Return On Investment

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    • SPEND


    Improve Reviews On These Platforms

    Our LA review management company knows that reviews exist across numerous online platforms that affect your daily business. Our team identifies all websites where customers might leave reviews, even without your knowledge. These sites include:

    • Yelp
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Houzz
    • TripAdvisor
    • BBB Reviews
    • Amazon
    • AirBnB
    • Apartments.com
    • CarGurus
    • Cars.com
    • Credit Karma
    • Home Advisor
    • Foursquare
    • The Knot
    • OpenTable
    • Grubhub
    • MyCarFax
    • Zillow
    • Consumer Affairs
    • Booking.com
    • ApartmentGuide
    • AirBnB
    • Apartments.com
    • Expedia
    • Hotels.com
    • Lawyers.com
    • Senior Homes
    • SuperPages
    • Trulia


    Plus over 70 more review sites and growing!

    Control Review Sentiment
    Improve Customer Engagement
    Prevent Revenue Loss
    Enhance SEO Strategy
    Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Design
    Your competitive advantage on the web!

    Positive Reviews Grow Profits


    Common Questions

    To put it simply, if you have any presence on the Internet and are a business or hold a sensitive role, you need competent online reputation management services.

    Some negative content removals from the web may only take a week or two; however, in some scenarios, it can take months depending upon negotiations, legal matters, and other required steps in the process.

    Our review management services can potentially remove negative reviews, increase star ratings, and mitigate customer feedback that may be negative. We have extensive experience managing all the major review sites out there for clients whose businesses’ survival depends upon good reviews.

    Examplse of items we address with our reputation repair process: removing negative search results, brand protection on the web, improving online sentiment, growing, and managing review sites, generation of positive the content.

    Over the years, we have developed sophisticated methods in removing negative search results. The timeline for removal can vary greatly depending upon where and how this search result is being published. The average range is from one to three months but could be longer depending on the severity.

    Our review management services involve real-time alerts whenever a review is done, reporting that our customers have 24/7 access. By providing real-time notifications customers can rapidly respond to any negative or positive review.

    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    Gracefully handling adverse reviews with online reviews management in Los Angeles helps augment your online reputation while also improving customer satisfaction. Our team works on your behalf to efficiently manage your reviews across different platforms so that no matter which review site people are on, all your potential customers see is the best side of your business.

    Why Is Review Management Beneficial?

    Customers are easily influenced by reviews about your company online. Your brand can see a decline in sales from even just one negative review. It doesn’t matter if the information is true or not—it still shows up in search engines such as Google, and people will see it.

    With online reviews management in Los Angeles, you help protect your reputation and make it easier to recover from a bad review. Our professional review management team at Ovatek can mitigate damage from harmful feedback and often resolve the issue before the content is posted.

    Our team also recognizes the value in critical reviews, and we help you take full advantage of these opportunities. By responding to undesirable reviews in a positive way that offers to resolve the issue, you can show customers you’re always willing to work a problem out to their advantage.

    Online reviews management is another way to augment your online presence and show clients that you’re always looking out for them and are actively involved and present in your customer relationships.

    Get in Touch With Us to Learn More

    You can’t afford not to utilize online reviews management in Los Angeles, especially in our digital world. The internet is often the first place people go to learn about a company. Customer reviews have the power to increase your business, but even a single negative review can hurt your bottom line.

    Our team at Ovatek provides the professional review management solutions you need to take control. We help you make a positive impression when it comes to how your business is portrayed on the web, especially through the eyes of customers.

    We know the power reviews can have—let us help you take control and maximize that power with our experienced online reviews management team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or get a quote for our online review services!