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Online Reputation Management

Our highly effective online reputation management team will make sure that your online
reputation is always positive and notified in real-time of the company mentions.


Take Control of Your Online Reputations

Do you know what people say about you or your business online? The internet is a primary source of information for many people—and they tend to trust that information and use it to make decisions.

What happens online affects your offline life, and your online search results can certainly affect your personal or professional image in the real world. That’s why people need LA online reputation management companies such as Ovatek Web Solutions. Reputation management helps you regain control of your name online, ensuring that people only find positive content about you on the web.

Our team helps you project the most favorable image by removing and blocking harmful content and building quality content in its place. We understand the need to be discreet when taking control of your online image, and everything is entirely confidential when you work with us.

Our Reputation Management Process


RESEARCH – We begin by researching companies similar to yours. This research frequently includes – Research of branded terms, competitor research, competitor content research, identifying trending content, and performing an analysis to determine anywhere on the web your company is currently mentioned.


STRATEGY – Once we have a clear understanding of the overall web ecosystem in which your business operates, we can design a strategy to manage your company’s online reputation optimally.


TRACKING & MONITORING – Once we’ve created an effective online reputation management strategy, we build a monitoring system for your brand and content tracking. The monitoring system will be configured to get real-time notifications whenever your brand is mentioned on the web, allowing us to take proactive steps to any negative sentiment.


REPUTATION STRENGTHENING – Not only will we be managing your online reputation, but we will continuously be strengthening it as well, so not only keeping it in a positive light but growing the positive sentiment throughout the web.

What Is Online Reputation Management

You’ve heard the expression “your reputation precedes you”, and this is absolutely true online. Everyone has an online reputation, whether they want to or not. You need to take control and ensure people only find encouraging content when they search for you.

With online reputation management Los Angeles, Ovatek Web Solutions makes every effort to identify any adverse content that exists about you online, whether it’s a 10-year-old photo or a tweet you forgot about. We successfully build and manage your online image to ensure that the people who are searching for you online only find good things.

Even if you don’t have a business, your online name matters because people often search for others online. People might search for you for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Former colleagues who want to get in touch
  • Your kids may be looking for material about you online
  • A potential employer looking for information before or after an interview
  • A potential landlord wants to know about you before approving your application

We’ve generated over

We’ve generated over

Delivering an average
347% ROI


    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    It's About One Thing - RETURN ON INVESTMENT

    ROI Performance Model

    As a customer you will get clear insight into your actual return on investment (ROI). We have many years of experience in creating highly effective online strategies for businesses of all sizes.

    We do not use automated methods or cookie-cutter processes. You will get a custom strategy for your business based on your unique needs and goals.

    Strategic Evolution

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    We believe in complete transparency in all that we do. We know that the only reason a business would hire an SEO agency is to increase inbound leads and grow revenue.

    Yr 1 – Spend vs. Return On Investment

    • ROI
    • SPEND


    Protecting Your Reputation Online

    Ovatek Web Solutions is your partner in augmenting your image online and correcting and controlling any undesirable information that exists. We work with the utmost discreetness and efficiency because we know your online status affects your daily life.

    Here’s how we help manage your online reputation:

    • Analyze. Every situation is unique, and we look closer at your online status to design a strategy that will help you see the results you’re looking for. During our analysis, we also discuss your expectations and a timeline.
    • Control. We begin by controlling and suppressing—and in many cases, deleting—negative information about you on the web. Part of this control includes claiming any profiles or citations online to ensure accurate information about you exists consistently across the internet.
    • Develop. By developing new, positive content, we successfully push negative content down in the search engines. This will not only make your positive search results more impactful, but will also make it easy for people to find beneficial information about you online.
    • Monitor. Our diligent team continues to monitor the web for new information about your name or brand to catch any harmful material quickly so that we can delete or mitigate the damage as soon as it occurs, and in many cases, before.
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    Your competitive advantage on the web!

    Protect Your Online Reputation


    Common Questions

    To put it simply, if you have any presence on the Internet and are a business or hold a sensitive role, you need competent online reputation management services.

    Some negative content removals from the web may only take a week or two; however, in some scenarios, it can take months depending upon negotiations, legal matters, and other required steps in the process.

    Our review management services can potentially remove negative reviews, increase star ratings, and mitigate customer feedback that may be negative. We have extensive experience managing all the major review sites out there for clients whose businesses’ survival depends upon good reviews.

    Examplse of items we address with our reputation repair process: removing negative search results, brand protection on the web, improving online sentiment, growing, and managing review sites, generation of positive the content.

    Over the years, we have developed sophisticated methods in removing negative search results. The timeline for removal can vary greatly depending upon where and how this search result is being published. The average range is from one to three months but could be longer depending on the severity.

    Our review management services involve real-time alerts whenever a review is done, reporting that our customers have 24/7 access. By providing real-time notifications customers can rapidly respond to any negative or positive review.

    Sam F.
    Roofing Company

    I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Ovatek for over 6 years. I have been amazed…

    There’s a good chance that some type of information exists about you online, whether or not you’re aware of it, and people will see it. With online reputation management Los Angeles, you can take control of your image and never wonder what people are saying about you again.

    The Cost of Ignoring Your Online Reputation

    You can’t afford to ignore your online reputation, as much as you might be tempted to. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! Negative information about you or your brand spreads quickly. Social media intensifies the effect of harmful content on the web, in some cases making it popular.

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve done anything wrong—often times, this negative material has no truth to it. Still, search engines tend to promote popular content, whether it’s damaging or beneficial, true or untrue.

    Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. Harmful material regarding your company or person can stick around, especially if it’s gained popularity on the web, and you may never know about it.

    The good news is that you can take active steps today to correct this negative or misinformation about yourself or your company. Ovatek scrutinizes the web looking for any damaging information that exists about you, and our professional team works quickly and thoroughly to remove or suppress it.

    People can and will form opinions on news they find about you on the web. Taking control of this information and its effects with LA reputation management companies is the best way to manage your presence on the internet!

    Make Your Best Impression With Us!

    Have you had an issue in the past with your reputation online, or are unsure about your current online status? When searching for LA reputation management companies, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Ovatek.

    Taking control of your online image now can prevent damaging content from affecting you in the future. You can also build the positive presence you want your colleagues, customers, or personal acquaintances to see when they search for you online.

    Contact us today to make your best impression on the internet and effectively manage your reputation to ensure you’re always shown in a favorable light!

    Keeping You Confidential and Protected

    Of course, you can expect complete confidentiality from us at Ovatek for your online reputation management Los Angeles. We’re committed to helping you succeed, and we know that part of this success is inherently invested in online content that exists about you.

    You can expect regular communication and an evolving process with us. We not only tailor our strategy for each specific client, but we continue to grow our process using industry-leading techniques to ensure you only see value and results when you work with us.